Social media and reputation management improves SEO (search engine optimization)

Word-of-mouth advertising is critical to optimizing sales success. Look at your advertising campaigns from a personal perspective. It is true, no ad is as convincing as when having someone you trust recommend a product or service. A few stats below: “91% Of people have gone into a store because of an online experience” – MarketingContinue reading “Social media and reputation management improves SEO (search engine optimization)”

Pets Welcome. Humans Allowed.

Pets have more status today. When planning your marketing and retention strategy, don’t forget the power of pets when attracting or marketing to their owners. If your property is truly pet friendly, be sure to offer the value added benefits of pet stations, dog treats and other unique ideas catering to pets and their ownersContinue reading “Pets Welcome. Humans Allowed.”

Are you leading with double standards?

There is an unspoken truth that exists within the apartment industry. Lurking in the shadows lays a double standard. This double standard exists between our management and maintenance professionals. Yes, you may claim that you’re consistent for the sake of fair employment practice but the bar of expectation and performance is at two different levels.Continue reading “Are you leading with double standards?”

New Craigslist Rules & What They Mean for Multifamily Marketers

Over the years, Craigslist, a free classifieds-site created to connect individual buyers and sellers, has also become a powerful marketing tool for many industries, including multifamily. But recently, Craigslist implemented some rule changes to ensure the site’s content stays true its original purpose of serving the needs of people — not businesses. It’s hard toContinue reading “New Craigslist Rules & What They Mean for Multifamily Marketers”