Property Management Apps & Software

Did you know there is an app for almost anything you need, that can help you manage properties?

It probably comes as no surprise that, in the high-tech age we enjoy(?) today, some great mobile apps and software have been developed for property managers. What may be at least somewhat surprising though, is just how good these apps and software can be. Depending on your needs, wants, and goals, you will likely find exactly what you need available today.

Having said that, probably the most important features of any property management app or software program is high-quality support services, with clear and comprehensive tutorials and “How-to” info being a close second. Beyond these features, full integration and the ability to customize functions are critical; conversely, simplicity of use is also a nice feature.

Property Management Apps & Software Reviews

So, where can you find all of these components in a single app or software program? Here are a couple of suggestions for beginning your search for the perfect property management software app for you:

  • – Reviews of the 8 “best” property management software programs currently available. Includes pricing, ease-of-use ratings, tutorial ratings, pricing, pros and cons, mobile app availability, and more.
  • – Ratings and reviews of the 10 most popular property management software programs currently available. Includes pricing, recommended property type, recommended property size, deployment (on-site or cloud-based), and recommended platform (Mac, Windows, Linux).

Whatever your needs, these review sites will help you get started searching for the perfect property management software or app for your business.

Property Management Apps & Software Recommendations

While by no means a complete listing of all the software applications available for you to choose from, this short-list of property management apps will also help you get started in your search for the perfect solution.

  • AppFolio – A web-based application with a variety of helpful features. Popular among multi-family managers, and in addition to online vacancy posting services that connect your property to listing sites such as Oodle,,, Zillow and Trulia, with only a few clicks, AppFolio offers prospect tracking, online rental applications, resident screening, online lease agreement templates, and even website set-up.
  • Buildium – With a wealth of easy-to-use (and learn) features, Buildium offers desk-top and mobile applications. From property accounting to company financials to online payment features, the app also provides you with a resident portal, lease and document management, and maintenance request tracking, as well as rental listing, applications and screening, and a website for your property.
  • Rent Tracker – A great little tool for helping you get paid, the app is available for iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, and Android devices. The app allows property managers to enter residents, contractors, buildings, and even multiple owners. With only a few clicks, residents can enter their rent payment and receive a receipt by email.
  • Total Management – A powerful and customizable web-based application that is particularly well-suited for managing larger commercial and residential properties. Beyond the standard features shared by the apps listed above, the app offers credit, eviction, and criminal screening built-in, rent tracking and resident communication, a “letter wizard” with templates or customized notifications for all situations, a 1-step move-out feature, work order storage and tracking, a resident portal, and online marketing features.

Managing a multi-family property presents many challenges, not least of which is being ready for any eventuality. By choosing the property management software application that is right for you, you’ll be able to sleep easier in the knowledge that you’ve done all you can to make your life, and the lives of your residents, that much simpler.

Do you have a property management software app that you love? If so, share it with us!

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