Good Things Happen When You’re in the Zone

When was the last time you said “yes” to listen to a sales pitch? Then viewed a demo and were amazed at what it could do for your business? The challenge is taking the time to meet with potential vendor partners to discover new products and services. If you pass on too many, you mayContinue reading “Good Things Happen When You’re in the Zone”

Simple Points to Vendor and Document Management

Protect your property and your company. Most all management companies and independent property owners require their potential vendors to have certain documents, insurance, positive references and more, in order to work on your property. Many times this can be exhausting for all parties. You find the right vendor partner that has just the right productContinue reading “Simple Points to Vendor and Document Management”

Marketing and the Magic of the Selfie – Keeping the Human Element Alive

In 2015, it is time for all kinds of businesses to move closer to their customers. People love to take “selfies” to show off what’s happening for them at the moment. Perhaps businesses should take a cue from this trend and start putting themselves out there, in the same way. Selfies have a certain magicContinue reading “Marketing and the Magic of the Selfie – Keeping the Human Element Alive”

Daily Activity Moves the Needle

With 4th Quarter well underway, are you focused on activity that will move the needle?  What we do day-in & day-out makes the difference and action is required.  A one-time shot in the arm is great for a ‘pick me up’ and may provide a spark.  Establishing daily / weekly successful habits and performing salesContinue reading “Daily Activity Moves the Needle”

Bringing Down the House

Renting has and continues to be a personal choice. Today, more and more people are choosing to rent rather than being tied down by a long-term mortgage – and why not, when they can have it all! The focus of developers and professional management companies continues to bring the very best in apartment living, whetherContinue reading “Bringing Down the House”

Choosing the Right Vendor(s)

Picture this – you have a large project on the horizon and you know you will need third-party assistance in order to complete it.  How do you determine who your vendor partners will be to ensure a successful project? First, it is important to understand your short and long term goals and basic scope ofContinue reading “Choosing the Right Vendor(s)”

Social media and reputation management improves SEO (search engine optimization)

Word-of-mouth advertising is critical to optimizing sales success. Look at your advertising campaigns from a personal perspective. It is true, no ad is as convincing as when having someone you trust recommend a product or service. A few stats below: “91% Of people have gone into a store because of an online experience” – MarketingContinue reading “Social media and reputation management improves SEO (search engine optimization)”