Persuasive Web Content – Part V Have a Decisive Call to Action When the Visitor is Ready

Know what you want the visitor to do and offer that action when they have had time to get motivated. Don’t ask visitors to commit too early. When you feel the visitor has reached their highest motivation to act, that is where to place the call to action. Examples may be the floor plan pageContinue reading “Persuasive Web Content – Part V Have a Decisive Call to Action When the Visitor is Ready”

Persuasive Web Content – Part IV Got Their Attention? Keep It!

Studies show that people spend most of the time on your site “above the fold”, or closer to the top of your website. Also, since most visitors read left to right, the most important information or images should be aligned to the left. Change things around. People like to see new things, and it makesContinue reading “Persuasive Web Content – Part IV Got Their Attention? Keep It!”

Persuasive Web Content – Part III Use Images That Sell

Make sure visuals encourage them to want to take the next step. You do not want to use those first milliseconds they spend on your site on an obscure image or being overburdened by too complex a framework. Remember, they do not want to think that hard. In spite of what you may have heard,Continue reading “Persuasive Web Content – Part III Use Images That Sell”

Persuasive Web Content – Part II Use Interesting Graphics

Again, first impressions will win them over or send them packing. If your site is too busy or complex, has poor navigation, slow-loading pictures, small print, or too many words, you will lose visitors’ attention. User-friendly navigation is a major visitor concern. Also, sites should be visually attractive. Studies by Google showed that people preferContinue reading “Persuasive Web Content – Part II Use Interesting Graphics”

Persuasive Web Content – Part I Make Your Message Clear

Make the most important item on your website or landing page an image or verbiage that will create a positive attitude and let the visitor know this is what you do. Tell them why they should choose your property or services over all others. The time you have to make a lasting impression is aContinue reading “Persuasive Web Content – Part I Make Your Message Clear”

Social media and reputation management improves SEO (search engine optimization)

Word-of-mouth advertising is critical to optimizing sales success. Look at your advertising campaigns from a personal perspective. It is true, no ad is as convincing as when having someone you trust recommend a product or service. A few stats below: “91% Of people have gone into a store because of an online experience” – MarketingContinue reading “Social media and reputation management improves SEO (search engine optimization)”

Pets Welcome. Humans Allowed.

Pets have more status today. When planning your marketing and retention strategy, don’t forget the power of pets when attracting or marketing to their owners. If your property is truly pet friendly, be sure to offer the value added benefits of pet stations, dog treats and other unique ideas catering to pets and their ownersContinue reading “Pets Welcome. Humans Allowed.”

New Craigslist Rules & What They Mean for Multifamily Marketers

Over the years, Craigslist, a free classifieds-site created to connect individual buyers and sellers, has also become a powerful marketing tool for many industries, including multifamily. But recently, Craigslist implemented some rule changes to ensure the site’s content stays true its original purpose of serving the needs of people — not businesses. It’s hard toContinue reading “New Craigslist Rules & What They Mean for Multifamily Marketers”

Attract More Residents!

As the next generation of renters enter into the multifamily market, it has become even more essential to market to them in their preferred form of communication – with technology.  Here are some tips on how best to reach them: Learn More About Your Prospects One of the best pieces of advice we can giveContinue reading “Attract More Residents!”