Property Management Apps & Software

Did you know there is an app for almost anything you need, that can help you manage properties? It probably comes as no surprise that, in the high-tech age we enjoy(?) today, some great mobile apps and software have been developed for property managers. What may be at least somewhat surprising though, is just howContinue reading “Property Management Apps & Software”

How to Build an Effective Custom RFP

Knowing what you want to achieve in a project is important of course, but ensuring that your vendors and contractors know your expected outcomes and goals is, even more, important. A well-thought out, well-written RFP (Request for Proposal) prior to beginning your project will not only accomplish this for you, but it can also protectContinue reading “How to Build an Effective Custom RFP”

Relations are a Two-Way Street. Property Managers Who “Get Fired” by Vendors

Have you ever had a vendor “fire” you? Were you shocked, or did you expect it? Was the vendor easy to replace, or did you struggle to find someone new that you could trust? While it may not happen often, having a supplier bail on a property manager is not all that unusual. Even thoughContinue reading “Relations are a Two-Way Street. Property Managers Who “Get Fired” by Vendors”

Property Manager vs. Vendor – Why It’s Not a Battle, But a Partnership

Why are so many relationships between property managers and vendors confrontational? While controlling costs is important to successfully managing properties, whether for yourself or for clients, the long-term benefits of building good relationships with your vendors cannot be overstated – or underestimated. If you seem to be in perpetual conflict with your service providers, someoneContinue reading “Property Manager vs. Vendor – Why It’s Not a Battle, But a Partnership”

Social media and reputation management improves SEO (search engine optimization)

Word-of-mouth advertising is critical to optimizing sales success. Look at your advertising campaigns from a personal perspective. It is true, no ad is as convincing as when having someone you trust recommend a product or service. A few stats below: “91% Of people have gone into a store because of an online experience” – MarketingContinue reading “Social media and reputation management improves SEO (search engine optimization)”