Persuasive Web Content – Part I Make Your Message Clear

Make the most important item on your website or landing page an image or verbiage that will create a positive attitude and let the visitor know this is what you do. Tell them why they should choose your property or services over all others.

The time you have to make a lasting impression is a fraction of a second. Images speak louder than words (but, make sure they are true to form – you will lose them quickly if what they viewed on your website is not what they discover when they arrive). Don’t use superlatives or clichés. Make sure your visitors are not confused about what type of property you have.

Facebook Engagement – Part VI Post When Your Fans Are Online

Thanks to Facebook insights, you can work out a time when the majority of your audience is online. This enables you to schedule your posting time for maximum visibility, depending largely on your target audience. If you cannot post at a particular time, you can schedule the post to be published automatically at the most effective time for engagement.

The amount of engagement on your Facebook page will help to determine how visible your posts are in the news feeds of your fans. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your content is good enough to attract and engage their attention. These simple tips should help you to do just that.

Happy Posting!

Facebook Engagement – Part V Post Helpful and Informative Content

When there is an event around your property that your audience might be interested in, it is a good idea to publish content to your page, even if it is unrelated to your niche. Maybe there is a big concert, rally, or sporting event taking place, so you can use your local knowledge to post traffic updates, event times and snippets of interesting information. This is useful for your audience and shows your fans you genuinely care about them, and that you consider their wider interests. It does not have to be all about the niche to be engaging, but it does have to be helpful and informative.

Facebook Engagement – Part IV Run a contest

Hosting a contest is a great way to drive engagement on your page. The more attractive the prize is, the more people will be tempted to participate in the contest and share with their friends. It does not have to be expensive, and something related to your property is a great way to stay connected with your residents. Maybe it is a balcony decorating contest during the holidays, take snapshots and post on your Facebook Page. There are various apps to help streamline the process and make contest posts look professional and engaging.

Facebook Engagement – Part III Ask questions on Your Facebook Page

Work on some original and engaging questions for your audience. Ask what fans think about a particular activity, or be a bit cheeky and make them laugh when they read your question. Questions will encourage fans to comment and share, therefore boosting engagement. A related picture works best, or you can ask a relevant or fun question about the picture. It should be the first thing that comes to mind when you see the picture, as the best questions are spontaneous ones.

Facebook Engagement – Part II Targeted Content

The content on your Facebook page must be high quality and related to your niche market. If the focus on your fan page is your apartment community, ensure you are posting with a consistent theme and keep it useful or entertaining for your fans. If the content is not targeted to your fan base, you will not get many likes or shares. Remember, your fans liked your page for a particular type of content, so you should provide quality, related content on a regular basis.

Facebook Engagement – Part I Engage Better on Your Facebook Page

You are the proud manager of your properties Facebook page; you are trying to get hundreds of ‘likes’ and are waiting for fans to beat down your virtual door. You need to ensure there is engagement with your fans. If there’s no engagement, your post will not be prominent on your fans’ newsfeed. That is because the Facebook algorithm automatically shows the most engaging post to more users, so it is important that you find ways to improve engagement with your fans. Stay tuned as we will be posting tips to boost engagement so that you market yourself or your property or company effectively on Facebook.

Marketing and the Magic of the Selfie – Keeping the Human Element Alive

In 2015, it is time for all kinds of businesses to move closer to their customers. People love to take “selfies” to show off what’s happening for them at the moment. Perhaps businesses should take a cue from this trend and start putting themselves out there, in the same way.

Selfies have a certain magic about them. Typically they are  snapped at arm’s length with a cell phone, and the people in them are often laughing, celebrating and including others. Even self-conscious subjects are doing something, even if that is simply holding a half-eaten sandwich and looking uncomfortable.

They are completely upstaged, unretouched, and unrehearsed. Snapshots of a moment in the life of the subject, who is not standing behind the camera but instead is part of the scene.

Begin With the Insiders

If you want to get in on this marketing trend for 2015, begin with your employees. Some of them will already be familiar with the concept of selfies, and others will need some coaching and gentle coaxing. Customer service representatives wearing their headsets, floor workers manufacturing products, management leading a team in exercises–these are all good opportunities for selfies.

Show the faces behind your business and potential customers will be able to identify the human side of what your products and services mean to them. Show the passion and excitement of your employees with snapshots, and you have a priceless inroad in your marketing.

Daily Activity Moves the Needle

With 4th Quarter well underway, are you focused on activity that will move the needle?  What we do day-in & day-out makes the difference and action is required.  A one-time shot in the arm is great for a ‘pick me up’ and may provide a spark.  Establishing daily / weekly successful habits and performing sales and marketing activities that matter will provide long term results.  Don’t procrastinate; reach out to a friend, coach or business associate and hold yourself and your team accountable – achieve your goals, you can do it!  Begin today.

Bringing Down the House

Renting has and continues to be a personal choice. Today, more and more people are choosing to rent rather than being tied down by a long-term mortgage – and why not, when they can have it all! The focus of developers and professional management companies continues to bring the very best in apartment living, whether it is by the level of service your residents receive or the unlimited amenities offered at the community or surrounding neighborhood. Apartment home living has and continues to evolve. Newer offerings now include in-house referrals for technology concierge services to set up television and audio systems or make internet repairs. Additionally, you will find amenities such as social zones, rooftop lounge, private wine cellar/tasting room, poolside cabanas, outdoor kitchen, virtual fitness, bowling alley, rock climbing wall, bike repair kitchen, high tech running track, internet cafe, rotating art gallery, intimate gardens with peaceful fountains and much more. Now renters can find a new apartment based on area conveniences such as walk or bike-ability, which can make life easier without being car dependent, especially in urban developments. Upgraded interior features now include floor-to-ceiling windows, gourmet kitchens with movable islands and posh appliance packages, custom wine bars, custom under counter lighting, built-in closet organizers, Nest Thermostats, improved flooring and personalized interior design finishes, just to name a few. Add in on-site green living options and professionally trained technicians that work 24/7 to handle service requests, maintenance and after hour emergencies, and the joys of apartment living are well apparent. Whether the renter is seeking a quiet boutique community or one that is socially driven and packed with on-site events and activities, the choice is limitless. What sets you apart from the pack?

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