6 Simple Steps to a Successful Team Meeting

1.  Respect your team and let them know about the meeting a week or two in advance.  Respect their time and be sure the meeting begins and ends on schedule.

2.  Prepare an agenda in advance so your team can give some thought to the topics and make solid contributions to the meeting.

3.  Keep your meetings engaging by welcoming all input and feedback — after all it is a meeting – not a seminar.

4.  Ask for agenda items from your attendees to ensure their topics are also addressed and proper time is scheduled to cover all issues or concerns.

5.  Set the right TONE.  Add a splash of humor, share an inspirational quote, or ask your attendees to share something positive that has transpired over the past week.  Begin the meeting by opening up on a positive note and set the tone for the rest of the meeting.

6.  Create an environment where sharing is encouraged.  Trust your employees enough to share the happenings within your firm.  Many times, this can help you solve challenges because they see things from a different perspective.  Embrace their feedback and support.  It is equally important to share the firm’s success and thank your team for their contributions.

Attract More Residents!

As the next generation of renters enter into the multifamily market, it has become even more essential to market to them in their preferred form of communication – with technology.  Here are some tips on how best to reach them:

Learn More About Your Prospects

One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to know who you are selling to – what information are they accessing online about your community, what websites do they frequent the most and what are they looking for.  Once you have a general idea of your prospect’s search habits, you can look into creating a search engine marketing strategy to increase both your organic and paid search results.

Make Sure Your Website is Up-to-Date

Your community website is the number one source of marketing for your community.  In order to make it stand out amongst the rest, you need to continually update and refresh the content, images and data to ensure that you are appealing to your target audience.

Keep In Touch

In order to be successful, you must CONTINUALLY sell to your prospects.  This means that the sell isn’t over as soon as the prospect walks out the door; it has only just begun! Staying in touch with prospects helps to ensure that you stay “top of mind” and continually nurtures the relationship. Once your prospect has time to think about their decision, your regular “touch-points” will help you stand out as the number one choice.