Stay tuned!

You asked – we are listening! We are excited to announce new services launching in 2016. To kick things off, look for our “did you know series?” and calendar launch pad, both by popular request. Plus, something exciting for our Marketing Execs. – All about you! Keep your requests coming, we read them all.

Never Ask For The Sale!

That’s it. I’ve finally lost my mind! Never close the sale; am I nuts? No, it’s actually the contrary. For decades, we’ve been trained to close the sale. It’s been such the gospel within the sales industry that many companies will fire salespeople for not trying to close. In most cases, we’ve been taught toContinue reading “Never Ask For The Sale!”

Selling like a caveman

Admit it. The Multifamily industry when it comes to innovation and change can be one slow moving prehistoric beast. But Chris, take a look at where we are now and compare it to where we were. We have come so far from the days of handing out carbon based receipts from the pegboard system. Yes,Continue reading “Selling like a caveman”