How to Build an Effective Custom RFP

Knowing what you want to achieve in a project is important of course, but ensuring that your vendors and contractors know your expected outcomes and goals is, even more, important. A well-thought out, well-written RFP (Request for Proposal) prior to beginning your project will not only accomplish this for you, but it can also protectContinue reading “How to Build an Effective Custom RFP”

Vendor Challenges – Dealing with Decision Makers and Influencers

As a vendor, one of the most important challenges you’ll face when bidding on a project for any property will be figuring out exactly who will make the decision to hire you – PLUS – who else might influence that decision. Who is the “Decider” and who is the “Influencer”? Answering this question, in everyContinue reading “Vendor Challenges – Dealing with Decision Makers and Influencers”

New Year’s Resolution – Create More Professional Relationships

Did you know that 80% of people who make a New Year’s Resolution give up it within the first 30 days? If you read on, I’ll explain why this is important to you as a property manager in just a couple of minutes. A quick Google search of the phrase “property management pain points (orContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution – Create More Professional Relationships”

5 Tips to Working with the Best Vendors

Creating a trusting, honest, mutually beneficial relationship with your vendors is easier said than done. These relationships tend to be somewhat confrontational by nature yet, in the long run, creating a partnership with your service providers will be of great benefit to you, as well as to them. By overcoming the “Us vs. Them” mentalityContinue reading “5 Tips to Working with the Best Vendors”

Good Things Happen When You’re in the Zone

When was the last time you said “yes” to listen to a sales pitch? Then viewed a demo and were amazed at what it could do for your business? The challenge is taking the time to meet with potential vendor partners to discover new products and services. If you pass on too many, you mayContinue reading “Good Things Happen When You’re in the Zone”

Simple Points to Vendor and Document Management

Protect your property and your company. Most all management companies and independent property owners require their potential vendors to have certain documents, insurance, positive references and more, in order to work on your property. Many times this can be exhausting for all parties. You find the right vendor partner that has just the right productContinue reading “Simple Points to Vendor and Document Management”

Easy and Effective Instagram Marketing Tips

Social media presents businesses with a unique opportunity to directly reach customers for free. The massive impact of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter in today’s marketing world is undeniable. Instagram has become the latest social media network proving to influence the tastes of today’s consumers. Instagram is a quick and easy social application that enables businessContinue reading “Easy and Effective Instagram Marketing Tips”

5 Tips for Improving Your Website’s User Experience

A poor user experience is one of the number one reasons for visitors to abandon a website. Web users typically have a relatively short attention span, and particularly because there is so much competition in the online marketplace, they usually have plenty of other places to turn if they find that your website performs poorlyContinue reading “5 Tips for Improving Your Website’s User Experience”

Persuasive Web Content – Part V Have a Decisive Call to Action When the Visitor is Ready

Know what you want the visitor to do and offer that action when they have had time to get motivated. Don’t ask visitors to commit too early. When you feel the visitor has reached their highest motivation to act, that is where to place the call to action. Examples may be the floor plan pageContinue reading “Persuasive Web Content – Part V Have a Decisive Call to Action When the Visitor is Ready”